When Art Owns My Tears #IEWU #UglyCry

IEWUWe’ve all been there.

Snot pouring from our noses. Mouths turned so low we’re worried that old wives’ tale is right and we’ll freeze that way. Tears streaming down our face, gasping for air.

The Ugly Cry.

And the after effect? Worse than the act itself.

Your face is puffy, red and you can’t even open your eyes. I don’t know about you, but even my chest hurts.

So why do we look for the things that make us cry? A sad movie… book…even a song? Whatever it is, we search for that effect and embrace it.

Like sappy, emotional masochists.

That’s what I was called yesterday when I bought the new Colleen Hoover book, It Ends With Us. A masochist.

I have no idea what it’s about, other than that’s an emotional story. All reviews of it have said so. CoHo even posted a picture of herself standing in front of a waterfall with the caption, “Standing in front of a pool of reader tears.”

I thought that was hilarious…until I realized she’ll soon own my tears!

So, as I sit here and wonder why I do this to myself, here’s a list of my top 9 Media Related Ugly Cry moments:

**warning- spoilers below!**

1- Brightside by Kim Holden. Done. The most heart-wrenching story ever. You should read it 🙂

2- Toy Story 3. If you didn’t cry as they struggled from the garbage, then you’re dead inside!

3- Grey’s Anatomy- now, mind you, I’m not a big GA fan. I started watching it when a roommate of mine was watching it on Netflix so I don’t know much about the show. But when McDreamy dies, I died. Thank God I was watching that one solo!

4- We Were Brothers- well, pretty much all war movies. But I cried from beginning to end during this one.

5- Titanic- The scene where the orchestra starts to play on the deck. Nope.

6- Lord of the Rings: Return of the King- The final scene, as Frodo sails away with Gandolf. I was by myself in the theater and sobbing as quietly as I could. It wasn’t that quite 🙂

7- Where the Red Fern Grows- Old Dan and Little Ann! *sobs*

8- The Outsiders- Stay Golden Ponyboy. RIP Johnny.

9- Harry Potter: number 5-7- This is where JK Rowling started ripping our hearts out. Sirius, Dumbledore, Dobby!? Always.

What have you read or watch that made you Ugly Cry?

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