What’s shakin’

Why hello and welcome. Just starting out on this journey through writing and publishing and I’m having a blast with it!

I’m hoping to have my first book, Playing House published within the next month or so. It’s been a work in progress for about 2 years (if not more) It’s not as easy as just write- read- publish- repeat, as others make it out to be. At least, not for some quality work. haha

Anywho, take a look around. I have some small stories I’ve done loaded in the upper right corner of the navigation bar. Sign up for my newsletter for more!

Something else you might notice, is the Food tab. I’m a foodie through and through. I’ve been developing recipes for as long as I can remember and I love everything about food. Some of my works will contain dishes in them that I created myself, so this is where I’ll post the recipes. Bon Appetit!


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