#ShoutOutSunday- Bree Lynne Potter (and yes, I know I’m a day late)

Sorry! Yes, I know I’m posting this on a Monday but things were going down at the homestead that threw me off track.  But enough of my excuses…let me get to my Shout Out for this week.

I’ve been pretty busy lately with work and trying to tie all the loose ends together for the release of Playing House. My friend, Bree and I were talking about personal assistants to authors. I wanted to ask her for her help and she was going to ask if she could be mine.

(That great minds think alike just might be true)

Within the first HOUR of our agreement, she got me a review and blog stop for my tour 😀

But this Shout Out isn’t just because she’s been a wizard at promotion. No, its so much more.

If you remember from my bio– This is the same Bree who has helped me to start writing. The same one who first read Playing House and pushed me to keep going. Without that conversation on books, on that one night in my apartment years ago, I wouldn’t be sitting here about to release my first NOVEL. Not a short story, but a real life novel. I owe her so much for helping me see this path.

She’s in the process of finishing a story called Heal Me. It’s amazing so far and I can’t wait to see it published! Thank you Bree for everything and someday, we’ll be throwing a release party together! Love you!


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