This baby is brought to you by the awesome folks at Flash!Friday. It is my entry for a flash fiction contest that gave you 48 hours (I found out around the 24 hour mark) to write a complete flash fiction in 150 words. We got the amazing picture you see as our prompt. The results have been crazy. It's interesting to be to see the different points of view this one picture made for so many.

What's your take?

They say fire is a part of rebirth. I pray they are right as he guides me onto the dance floor. The heat my Prince is radiating fills me with a new life I never thought I could have again. My last prince turned out to be a monster, leaving a pile of embers in his destructive wake.

Red Sunset. CC2.0 photo by Petteri Sulonen

As my Prince whirls me around to face him, his hand on my lower back, I feel the burn deepen in my cheeks.  He grins mischievously as he lifts my hand to his lips, scorching it with a subtle kiss.

I feel the place where my heart used to be reviving and I bite my lower lip. I welcome the incineration his touch is bringing upon me.

“My Love.” He breathes, the power from his urgent lips holds me in my own personal pyre and my soul cries out from the flames.

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