R-Y is for… #AtoZChallenge

See what I did there? 😉

I’m pretty far behind on my A to Z challenge. With going out of town to Sign N’ Sip, things are a little out of whack. With, not only, my blog posts but with my 2nd draft of Runaway Road.

So, first, let me tell you about Sign N’ Sip. It was AMAZING. Seriously, amazing. I stopped off in Wilmington to pick up my friend and aspiring author, Bree. Now, Bree is a bit more involved with the online groups surrounding the authors we were meeting. Me? Not so much.

When we got there, a group of them were downstairs, chatting. Our roommate, Allie, and Bree walked over to introduce themselves.

And that’s when it hit me. I am socially awkward. I clammed up. Stunned and awe-struck.

Kim Holden, writer of Brightside and Gus, was standing up to give me a hug and introduce herself. My nerves were everywhere. Her book changed the way I look at life. I did a review of it here.

I sat off to the side and listened to the conversations, watched from afar with a silly grin on my face.

I needed to loosen up.

So what does one do when they need to do so? I got myself a small drink 😉

It did the trick and I was able to open up a little. Just a little though. I was definitely not the talkative person I am in real life.

I’m still a little shocked on how scared I actually was. I used to have to talk to strangers for a living while hosting trivia in Charlotte. I can strike up conversations with most anyone. And this is while I’m sober! Hell, I do it at work all the time. That’s my job.

I wanted to use SnS for networking purposes, which I did a little of. I still got to meet some awesome people that got my juices flowing again. After walking around for a bit, I sat down next to this beautiful little pond and started writing. I had an idea for a three-part series just while standing in line.

But what I lacked in networking, I got in understanding. I have to be more open about what I do. That’s the difference between me and the successful people in the world. I don’t put myself out there enough. I find that I double back and blow off what I’ve accomplished, which is stupid.

I got to meet Hugh Howey at my store the other week. Super nice guy and he talked to me about what I wrote. I realized later how dismissive I was towards my own work. I’m not going to see much doing that, now am I?

Going forward, a new goal of mine is to be more involved in the online writing community. I have so much going to my advantage that I’m not using. Might as well throw money away.

Are there any things you’ve done to increase your persona on social media? Blogs? Help me out!

Much Love!

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