P is for…#AtoZChallenge

P is for Playing House.

My baby. My pride and joy.

I was listening to an author on podcast today, talking about her debut novel and the disappointment she couldn’t help but feel over the lack of sales she’s made.

Yes, we’d all love to publish that one novel that just makes it big. right away. (Just see yesterday’s post about The Outsiders.) And we know that it happens. (Thanks E. L. James.)

But you know, with every doubt that pops into my mind about the lack of sales I might have, I take a step back and remember how lucky I am to have published at all.

Authors are wearing their hearts and worlds for all to see. We pour our sweat, blood, and tears into our work, only to worry over the opinions of others.

Remember that the next time you have doubts. You accomplished something huge, something that others are terrified to do. Great job!

Much Love.


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