Meet the Stars of Runaway Road!

Have you ever wondered who is in the car next to you?

My next book, Runaway Road, is coming out soon! I’m so excited to introduce you all to Brett and Mia.

I live right in a triangle of hometowns. Each one 3.5 hours apart from each other. And I make a lot of trips between them.

During these longs stretches of me riding solo, my imagination just takes over. This is where Brett and Mia’s story comes from, on a road between Charleston to Charlotte one day a year or so back.

Often, I pass people on the highway and wonder- where are they going? Is this a vacation for them? A business trip? What kind of music are they playing? Or our their kids drowning out the songs with excitement?

Sometimes, I notice the same car and I have been passing each other for hours. My highway buddy, someone to keep my speeding in check.  😉 When we finally part ways, I always have a feeling of loss.

So what would happen if you met the person you had been following for awhile?

And this is where our characters come in…

Brett Myers is from Raleigh, North Carolina. Tall and slender with a beard that drives men into jealousy, he’s ready for more. And after walking in on his brother and girlfriend, he decides his ‘more’ is somewhere else. Like Austin, Texas.

Mia Brown hasn’t had the easiest life. Running away from home at sixteen, she uncovers a true about her past. Everything seemed clear. Her mother’s actions finally made sense.

Years later, Mia finds herself in a relationship with a controlling man. When news of someone close dying comes to surface, Mia takes this chance to run. Run from Charlotte, North Carolina to the city of San Antonio, Texas.

As Mia and Brett’s paths cross, they soon realize how much they need each other to survive their past, present, and, possible future.

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