Yep, I’m a foodie — and I can’t wait to share some of my yummy recipes with you. I promise, I will soon…but first I have to get some more writing done (my writing buddies keep me on a tight schedule!).

But while you’re here, tell me: What kinds of foods do you like?

13 thoughts on “Food”

    1. I wish I could get on board with you on this one Miracle! haha I remember growing up, my dad LOVED crawfish and I could never get over the idea of sucking the head and weeks later, finding eyes and antenna all around the kitchen O.o But he loved them.

  1. I love all kinds of food!!!! Food is one of my favorite pastimes. Cooking with Grandma and my Mom! But some of my favorites are Italian pasta dishes, southern comfort foods, and of course desserts and baked goods!!!!

  2. I love tacos from this hole in the wall joint in Omaha NE…Jonesy’s Taco House. The tacos are amazing! If you’re ever in the city, I highly suggest you take a moment to find out more.

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