F is for…

F is for Fangirling.

Admitting my problem is the first step…

Okay, here it goes. I’m somewhat of a fan girl.

Not the kind where I cry when I see a favorite celebrity or start throwing my panties at bands. (If I ever get that far, I give you permission to slap me around a little.)

I’m more of the holy-crap-I’m-stunned kind of gal.

I’ve found that my usual, outgoing self–tends to be a bit shy around people I admire.

And in just a few weeks, I’ll be surrounded by people who I admire the crap out of!


I’m heading to the Sign and Sip Author event in Virginia with my friend and fellow author, Bree Lynn. I’ll get to meet CM Foss, Kim Holden and be sharing a room with Alexandria Bishop. I finally get to meet the sweetie Molly Jaber, owner of Cafinated Reads and so many more.

Plus it’s at a vineyard, so cheers to that!

5 days of friends, writing and wine? Yes please!

4 thoughts on “F is for…

    1. Thanks! I’m super excited! These events always get my creative juices flowing and reminds me of the awesome community I’m a part of 🙂

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