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To say Fail or not

December 1st.

NaNoWriMo is over.

What did I accomplish? Well, it wasn’t 50,000 words. I missed it by a “measly” 30k words. (oops!)

Well, the question wasn’t what I didn’t accomplish. It was what I did.  And I’m proud to say that I accomplished a lot! I’m so happy with how Runaway Road is coming along. So yes, I “failed” NaNo but in my mind, I made a huge dent in a story that I’ve been planning on writing for months.

So, to celebrate my success, here’s a snippet from my WIP Runaway Road

Hope you all enjoy!

**Unedited Copyrighted Material**

“Excuse me?”

She jumps at the sound of my voice, giving me a faint smile that strengthens my resolve to talk to her.

I stick out my hand. “Hi, I’m Brett.” She takes it, timid but firm.

“At risk of sounding like a creeper, we’ve been following each other since Charlotte.” I lean against the gas pump. Mia takes a look around me and her smile grows.
“You’re right.”
I run my hand through my hair. “I’m going inside to grab a drink. May I get you something?”
She replaces the pump and tightens the gas cap on her car. “Are you trying to pick me up at a gas station?” The humor is dancing in her eyes.
“Well, yeah, I guess I am.” I shrug. “If we’re road tripping, probably not smart to take you to a bar.I mean, I know it’s not Starbucks, but–”
She brushes her long hair off her shoulder, the corner of her mouth twitching. “A cup of coffee would be great.”
I push off the pump station and turn to replace the pump. We lock our cars and walk toward the store.
“So Mia, where are you heading?”
“San Antonio. You?”
Grabbing the door, she walks under my arm inside, leaving a trace of vanilla and cinnamon behind. I could breathe that in all day.
I follow her to the coffee machines, noticing her petite frame. Her arms are smaller than they should be and a worry I can’t explain overcomes me.
Without looking at me, she reaches for a coffee pot and pours the liquid into a small cup. “Austin, huh?” I watch her full lips blow the steam across the top and I have to remind myself that I’m in a public place.
“Yeah, looking for a new adventure.” Her eyebrows perk up. I grab a large coffee cup and rip open four sugar packets. Placing the cup under the instant coffee dispenser, I hit the button for the vanilla cappuccino. Out of the corner of my eye, she’s staring at me, mouth open.
She blinks. “Nothing. It’s just…that’s a lot of sugar.” She giggles as I stare at my cup. “How do you even taste the coffee?”
She laughs even harder as I scrunch my face. “Ugh! Why would you want to taste that?” Her laugh is adorable and hearty. And contagious.
I stir my cup and lean against the counter. “Don’t judge my coffee.” Chuckles rumbling through my body.I take a sip and tip my head to the snack aisle.
“Drinks and dinner? You sure do spoil a girl on a first date.”
“I do what I can.”
We walk around the back side of a rack to the snack aisle. I immediately grab a bag of gummy worms and beef jerky. Mia’s bottom lip is clamped between her teeth, her shoulders twitching with a laugh.
“What?” I give her a glare. “Are you judging my food too?”
“I would never!” Her mock horror has me laughing along with her.
“Whatever. Beef jerky is healthy. It’s protein.”
Her eyes twinkle. “Whatever you say.”
“What are you going to have?”
“Oh, no. I’m good. Maybe just a bottle of water.”
I purse my lips in disbelief as she starts to walk towards the coolers. “Can you grab me one too?” I call. She whips her head around and nods, giving me a small smile that makes me want to stay in this gas station for a long time.

Runaway Road Synopsis

So, I’ve had this idea for a book for a few months now and I’m so excited to be using it as my NaNoWriMo novel!Runaway

I’ve been working on the synopsis and a mock cover to get the creative juices flowing while playing with the outline. Hopefully, it helps!

This is the third time I’ve seen that light blue bug. The third time I’ve seen that long brown hair fall across her shoulder. The third time I’ve seen her wipe a tear from her eye.

Mia Brown wants to say good-bye.

Brett Myers needs a new start.

When their paths cross on a long stretch of Highway 85, these two strangers will learn just how much they need each other to heal.


Oct- the Plotting/Outlining Month

Oooooohhhhhh– It’s the most wonderful tiiimmmme of the yeeearrrrrrrrr!

Take a deep breath. Smell that? It’s October. Well, it’s actually mid-way through October but for all you writers out there, you know what that means.

Yes, it’s time to get ready for NaNoWriMo!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with NaNo- it’s when insane people (like myself) shoot for 50,000 words in 30 days. That 1667 words a day. Every. Day.

If you miss just one daily deadline, you’re playing catch-up the entire month!

It’s crazy, stressful and, to the outside world, dumb. But it’s amazing to everyone involved.

You have a chance to bond with a community of people all over the world at one time. At some point, a person will be working on NaNo anywhere on the globe. If you think about it, for 24 hours for 30 days, a novel is being born at the same time.

Sure, I know what you’re thinking. There’s always someone writing a book. It’s not a new thing.

But not everyone is doing it at the same time.

It blows my mind when I think of it like that.



And it’s writers of all stages. Newbs (like myself) all the way to best sellers.  Some NaNo projects have even become movies (Water For Elephants for example). That’s an amazing accomplishment.

(Want more examples? Here ya go!)

I hope you guys will join me this year (I’m TTPie1983 on Nano) and I can’t wait to get this book going.

Oh, and yeah, I love NaNo so much, I even wrote a poem last year…enjoy! 😀


Setting up for Camp…Nano that is!

I’m super excited for this year’s Camp NanoWriMo. Mostly because its my first one, but also,  I have a great idea I’ve been dying to put on paper and this seems to be the best time for it.

I’m a bit behind, just started and its already 8 days in (oops!) Meh, what can you do?

Good news is, I’m done moving, completely, and I can concentrate on my writing again. Hooray! I’ve set up a great little writing spot in my room with a ton of natural light and inspiration.

Life is good, ladies and gents. Life is good.


A Poem about Nano- Day 1!

Twas the first day of Nano

And all through your mind

Every idea was stirring

Already feeling behind

You sit at your desk, that screen all aglow.

In hopes that the words will soon easily flow

On one side sits candy from Halloween

The other, a mug of steamy caffeine

It’s 6 am and the house is asleep

And you pray that it’s hours before you hear a peep.

You sip on Joe and read your outline

Confident and sure this month will go fine

You’ve prepped and thought and organized your space

Envisioning those 50,000 words you will ace.

You open your browser and Facebook does appear.

The red box is calling, you’ll just take a peer.

How quickly you get caught up in statuses, oh my!

30 minutes have passed, oh how time flies!

After the cat video, you quickly log off.

“Facebook is trouble.” to yourself you scoff.

Your fingers fling nouns and verbs all a muck

In only 15 minutes, it seems that you’re stuck.

The phone sounds off with a text from Christine.

“How many words? I can’t think of a thing!”

You stare at Scrivener, to see what you’ve done

Only 50 words in? Light a fire under your bum!

Day one is among us, with excitement and dread.

It’s early and cold, you just want to get back to bed.

But push your dreams from your mind to finger

These stories are important, don’t let them linger,

Inside of your head, the world never knowing

Of the beauty that is your writing, it’s worth showing. ♥