Bright Side

Bright Side Have you ever had a book change you?

I mean really change the way you think about things? Life? People?

That’s what Bright Side by Kim Holden did for me. It’s an amazing story about a girl named Kate who looks at life in a way we all should. She’s been put through the ringer and it never stops her from living in the moment.

I’m the type of person who tries hard to look at the positive side of everything. I love to laugh, joke and make others feel my happiness. I suffer from depression and so, it can be a bit challenging.

With that being said, Kate’s character really shined to me. She’s not the bubbly, take shit from others happy. She’s the real deal- down to Earth, positive and spunky. I love her!

And don’t get me started on everyone else in the book. Gus, Keller, Clayton, Gracie…. an amazing supporting cast to tie the story all together.

Do Epic!

** WARNING: Have tissues ready!**

**Seriously– don’t try and be a hero. **


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