Book Creations: Key lime Cherry Shots

Excerpt from Playing House:

KeyLimeBefore she can fish her wallet from her purse, Caleb leans over the bar to me. “Add it to my bill. Your choice, Hannah.”

His look is playful, but daring. I rise to the challenge, creating four cherry key lime shots.

Lizzy claps her hands. “Oh, boys, you’re in for a treat now.” She doesn’t wait for me to slide the glasses across the bar, instead grabbing one and raising into the air. The others follow suit, and they click their glasses together before tossing back the shots.

Caleb drinks his without taking his eyes off me. “Your creation?”

“I like to play around with ideas.”

“You like to play, huh? Lucky me.” He licks his lips.

My heart pounds in my ears again as I wonder what else he can do with that tongue of his.

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