Ah… let the craziness begin

thanksgivingIt’s Sunday afternoon and you’ve asked yourself, for the millionth time, what possibly possessed you to come to the store. Your list in hand, you search for an available buggy (or cart depending on where you’re from :P).

Success…an unmanned on sits at the door! Wait, why is this sticky? You decide against figuring that out and grab the cart wipes the store as graciously provided.

The buggy pulls slightly as you weave in and out of the crowd. Old women comparing recipes with frazzled daughter-in-laws. Children screaming for candy. Husbands checking their phones for the score, wishing they were anywhere but here.

Checking your list, you hustle through, grabbing everything you see that you know is on the list. Oil? Check! Biscuits? Check! Green beans? Canned, fresh, frozen?? No time, just grab all three!

You see an opening and you rush to seek shelter among a display 31375-Thanksgiving-meme-lost-my-leg-0L35of shirts. You look down at the strange collection of stuff in your buggy and check you list. *sigh* Only a third done. Screw this. You’ll come back at midnight when the crazies are sleeping.

Terrible picture, right? Want to know the worst part of this? I love it! Yes, all of it.  Thanksgiving is one of my top holidays. I’ve been cooking since I was 7. My dad would sit at the bar in our kitchen and tell me what to do. My first turkey was so moist, it shot liquid out across the room. I’m still damn proud of that bird 🙂

Sadly, my dad has passed away but I keep his memory alive through cooking and Thanksgiving, of all days, is the most important day for me to remember him. The lessons he taught me in the kitchen have shaped me into the “chef” I am today. 🙂


What do you do for Thanksgiving?

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