A Poem about Nano- Day 1!

Twas the first day of Nano

And all through your mind

Every idea was stirring

Already feeling behind

You sit at your desk, that screen all aglow.

In hopes that the words will soon easily flow

On one side sits candy from Halloween

The other, a mug of steamy caffeine

It’s 6 am and the house is asleep

And you pray that it’s hours before you hear a peep.

You sip on Joe and read your outline

Confident and sure this month will go fine

You’ve prepped and thought and organized your space

Envisioning those 50,000 words you will ace.

You open your browser and Facebook does appear.

The red box is calling, you’ll just take a peer.

How quickly you get caught up in statuses, oh my!

30 minutes have passed, oh how time flies!

After the cat video, you quickly log off.

“Facebook is trouble.” to yourself you scoff.

Your fingers fling nouns and verbs all a muck

In only 15 minutes, it seems that you’re stuck.

The phone sounds off with a text from Christine.

“How many words? I can’t think of a thing!”

You stare at Scrivener, to see what you’ve done

Only 50 words in? Light a fire under your bum!

Day one is among us, with excitement and dread.

It’s early and cold, you just want to get back to bed.

But push your dreams from your mind to finger

These stories are important, don’t let them linger,

Inside of your head, the world never knowing

Of the beauty that is your writing, it’s worth showing. ♥

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