A Change in Scenery

I’m sitting in the business center of my apartment complex right now. I packed up my desk from my home and carried it all with me. I could kill for a cup of coffee and a pair of socks– since its freezing in here.

So, why am I here? I have fuzzy socks and free coffee in my little corner of the world in just a few steps out this door.

Because in order to really focus on the work ahead of me, I need a change of scenery. There’s no place like home, but with everyday life taking place there, it can be hard to block everything out to deliver the best you can to your work.

Right now, my roommates and I are in the process of moving. There’s boxes and crap everywhere! I can’t concentrate with all that chaos.

So do yourself a favor. If you’re having trouble on focusing, change it up a bit. Go to the library (yes they still have those!),work outside now that Spring’s here. You’ll accomplish so much more 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Change in Scenery

  1. My goal is to set up an outdoor work area because the dog really loves it when I sit outside and work. He brings me all his stick finds, sleeps at my feet, and chases off the errant squirrel or free-floating leaf. And my writing? Much different outside. So since you aren’t up here helping me remodel the old shed, I’ll be finding a canopy to provide the shade I need to see the computer screen. By the end of the month!

    Now…get back to writing! 🙂

  2. That reminds me of when I go to my parents house I like to sit on this plastic chair on their porch and just look around.

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