3 Line Thursday- my new favorite Challenge

I’ve quickly learned over the past year or so that one of the most important elements to being a writer is, well, writing.

And writing often– as in every day.

Strangely enough, I think THAT’S actually the biggest problem I have. Along with editing (which my grammar is not the best, making that a very long process), advertising, marketing, having a full time job and a life, I tend to forget the writing part 🙂

To help me with this, my amazing mentor/fellow author C. Jai Ferry (who also one of my favorite people ever) got me into these writing challenges, one of them being 3 Line Thursday.

Awesome challenge for anyone at any level. Whether you’re a veteran writing with 100s of books under your belt, or a newbie like me, its brings out the best in just a few words.


Courtesy of David Shakes

Each week, the folks at 3 Line Thursday set you up with a picture prompt. You have only 3 lines to bring out your story based solely on that picture.

Our picture for week 14 was from David Shakes – an awesome photographer and writer.

3linethurs- jan15

 So, out of 49 entries, I took 1st place!!

I couldn’t (and still don’t!) believe it. This is only my 3rd entry to this unique challenge and the feeling is as exciting as when I published Finding the Christmas Spirit. To have someone read through and pick my 3 little lines, I can’t express my happiness.

Poetry isn’t my strong suit, at least I don’t think so. And you kinda have to think in that direction with such a short amount of information to give the reader. But I think that’s what I love about it– it forces me to use a format that’s unfamiliar to me. Its scary and beautiful all in one.

Now, its my turn to judge! So grab some paper, head over to 3 Line Thursday and give it a whirl. You might be judging it next week *wink*

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